About Eating India

Namaste. I’m Charmaine O’Brien and this blog is about my food travels on the subcontinent and other places where I ‘eat India’. I have been researching and writing about Indian food history and culture for nearly two decades and have written three books on Indian food; I also teach Indian cookery. It has been my great privilege to have spent innumerable hours learning to cook regional food in domestic and commercial kitchens all across India, and many of my friendships there have been forged sitting around the dining table, or a dastarkhan (floor cloth), sharing wide ranging discussion about the meal before us.

Indians are innately hospitable and my aim is to share some of the hospitality I have enjoyed in India, and hope to continue to enjoy, with you via this blog. Each post I write is amasala (mix) of story, information and recipes informed by my travels and cookery practice. I also post occasional reviews of Indian eateries in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

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